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Announcing The PowerPlant Podcast

The PowerPlant Podcast

Introducing a brand-new video podcast for the demolition, construction and asbestos removal industries and most importantly packed full of personality!

Direct from our newly sourced London Studios “The PowerPlant Podcast” will see presenter Ben Chambers interview an array of popular, (in)famous, notable and respected industry professionals within the fields of demolition, construction and asbestos removal.

Relaxed, unscripted, informal and filmed via three broadcast quality cameras and professionally edited and produced so you the viewer can experience an hour of engaging conversation from our guests on their industry, life, beliefs, opinions and whatever else Ben can squeeze out of them whilst all participants enjoy their tipple of choice in our fully licensed studio.

The PowerPlant Podcast

This series of podcasts aim to provide our guests an opportunity to showcase exactly what they do, have done and plan to do alongside us taking them away from business and discovering what frustrates, excites and captivates them, showcasing their personality and the real person behind the role.

Debuting podcast host Ben Chambers, publisher of titles including Asbestos Hub Magazine will bring “The PowerPlant Podcast” to his network as well as being shared by all magazine brands on X, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok. You will also be able to watch via our fleet of debuting PowerPlant social media platforms including Spotify and YouTube.

This off the cuff series of interviews aims to bring out the best from the very best individuals we have working within these closely related brilliant sectors all whilst broadcasting to a large and pertinent audience directly from London.

Episode #1 coming very soon.

To put yourself or a colleague forward for guest consideration or for advertising enquiries please contact us in private via: | 01903 952 640

The PowerPlant Podcast – Digging Deeper!

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