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Verification statement for the decomposition of asbestos fibres from cement

Independent Asbestos Consultant at Charles Pickles Associates says:

"During the recent Parliamentary debate on Asbestos the issue of asbestos waste and it's illegal tipping was mentioned.

It is not best practice to bury asbestos waste, but to denature the fibres into an inert building material for safe re-use.

Last year, curtesy of the #Europeanasbestosforum, a group were able to visit the asbeter facility at AC Minerals to view this innovative process and listen to the inspirational researchers who have developed this process.

Given the age of our asbestos cement roofs (all more than 23 years old and most between 30 and 50 years old), it will fail and be replaced within the next two decades.

Let us not bury this hazardous waste, creating a problem for tomorrow, but denature it for reuse"

'What a milestone: zero asbestos fibers in the residue as the new standard with the successful verification of Asbeter's AC Minerals process.

We are happy for all of you and also proud on our team! #Asbeter

#AC Minerals'


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