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Issues of managing asbestos in older properties

Issues of managing asbestos in older properties

Are you aware of the issues of managing asbestos in older properties and noticed increasing national public concern in this respect? The concern is entirely valid, as asbestos continues to pose the most significant workplace hazard in the UK. This results in thousands of annual fatalities, affecting a diverse range of individuals across various professions, even including those below the age of 40. Through the work as a not-for-profit social enterprise, UKNAR witnessed a significant rise in the media attention directed towards asbestos management and the actions being taken, both in Parliament and by the HSE:

  • Extensive national media coverage on asbestos, most notably The Sunday Times' "Act Now on Asbestos" campaign.

  • A bill for a National Asbestos Register recently passed its first reading in Parliament, with UKNAR cited.

  • The HSE actively inspecting asbestos management in hundreds of public buildings.

  • Recent dutyholder inspections by the HSE found 33% of organisations with significant compliance breaches, indicating the need for improvements in asbestos management.

  • The HSE actively promoting better asbestos awareness and management practice.

How might UKNAR help improve your asbestos management?

They can help you - without the need to change your existing consultants or IT systems! UKNAR has developed a simple, inexpensive enhancement called Asbestos SMART. This can help you:

  • Simplify your asbestos management.

  • Reduce the risks of accidental exposures.

  • Provide better evidence of compliance.

How might you help UKNAR and others?

UKNAR is a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to preventing asbestos exposures in the UK by improving the sharing of asbestos information with the help of modern technology. As part of their commitment, 5% of all Asbestos SMART license fees go to their charity partners, Mesothelioma UK, to support the 2,600 individuals affected by this incurable yet entirely preventable cancer. This year, they have successfully added 1000’s of buildings to their national register, and 100’s more have integrated Asbestos SMART. To build momentum and increase our visibility, they are seeking additional supporters and early adopters: Your backing is invaluable in their mission to make the UK safer from asbestos for all.

Please contact UKNAR

If you or a relevant colleague gets in touch, in 45 minutes they can quickly understand your existing arrangements, explain their offering, and demonstrate how they might assist you. While they don't say that every organisation requires their support, they haven't encountered one yet that hasn't found their conversation beneficial! Please contact UKNAR if you would like more information or to arrange an initial informal discussion.


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