Ben Chambers

Publisher & Sales Manager

Ben has more than ten years’ experience in the B2B publishing sector over eight magazines and associated online brands. 

Now in full control of a demolition magazine and media brand with a view to reporting the positives, supporting the industry and with the support of the NFDC, Ben and his team at Chambers Media are aiming high – To be your go-to media source for news, features for all things demolition.


Phone: 01903 952 648

Wayne Bristow

Sales Manager


Phone: 01903 952 642

Toby Wilsdon


Toby is a published author and experienced magazine editor, with his name on eight titles in the B2B sector. As a writer and editor, his technical knowledge is founded on nine years’ experience as a qualified English language teacher and the professional certification in journalism. 

Working on Asbestos Hub, Toby is your contact for developing content and communicating your message to those in the sector. He is happy to work with you, whether simply giving your copy a final edit or writing it from scratch based on your input.


Phone: 01903 952 945