UKNAR Webinar

Find a SMARTER way to Manage Asbestos in 2022

Thursday 10th March 10.00 a.m. – 10.45 a.m.

If you are a property professional responsible for the safe management of asbestos across a portfolio of properties under normal occupation, or a contractor responsible for the safety of your people working in such properties, we think this short live presentation will be of interest.(30 mins + 15 mins Q&A)

We believe today’s SMART inexpensive QR technology can help you in achieving and demonstrating better legal compliance with Regulation 4: Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and support you and your organisation in better protecting your people. It can also help you avoid the potentially considerable costs and time incurred if things go wrong.

With asbestos remaining in 1 in 5 workplaces and 1.5 million premises in the UK the challenges of trying to achieve effective management and 100% compliance are high. It is not surprising that thousands of accidental exposures still occur annually, costing huge amounts of time and money while unnecessarily endangering many thousands of lives. Asbestos dwarfs all other workplace killers in the UK:  5,000 people still die annually from asbestos related cancers and diseases with contractors visiting and working in buildings often presenting the highest risk.

Join our webinar to hear Andy Brown and Andrew Paten Co-Founders of UKNAR CIC, (a social enterprise) speak in more detail about what it takes in the real world to achieve effective compliance and protect people from asbestos exposures



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