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How SMART Technology Can Enhance Your Asbestos Management Procedures – Thursday 20th January 10.00 a.m. – 10.45 a.m.

As a property manager, or dutyholder responsible for asbestos management, you have a legal responsibility to minimise the risk of accidental asbestos disturbances and exposures in your properties.

Visiting contractors often present your greatest asbestos risk. This is particularly worrying given even the smallest maintenance job could dislodge asbestos whilst carrying out building modifications and repairs.  Unfortunately, IOSH surveys reveal that only 1 in 3 contractors have ever seen an Asbestos Register and truly know exactly where asbestos is located before carrying out work. 

  • How certain are you that contractors are not disturbing asbestos in your properties?
  • How do you make sure contractors have been given accessible information regarding the location of any asbestos in your buildings? Many haven’t seen an asbestos register – even though it’s a legal requirement.
  • What safeguards can you put in place to help make sure asbestos isn’t disturbed? M
  • How easy do you find it to monitor contractor activities in voids and unmanned sites?
  • How do you obtain line-of-sight reporting across your portfolio?    

Join us to hear Andrew Paten, Co-Founder of UKNAR CIC speak about how property managers and other dutyholders can use today’s QR SMART technology to provide contractors with instant access to their asbestos registers; fulfilling their legal responsibilities and sharing vital information that will help minimise the risk of accidental asbestos disturbances and exposures. 

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