Two new and longer-term members speak about their membership of ACAD

Gowrie Contracts

Gowrie Contracts has been a member of ACAD for almost a decade now, can you recall why you first chose ACAD as your asbestos trade association?

At the time we were using a really good local training provider and felt that ACAD’s flexible approach fitted perfectly with our operating model. In addition, the technical knowledge that ACAD is renowned for was a great attraction.

How has the past decade of ACAD membership helped Gowrie Contracts?

Oh, it’s been extremely beneficial. The regionals are a highlight – full of all the information we need, but really enjoyable too.

The introduction of the Specialist Apprenticeship Programme has been a revelation too, allowing us to benefit from our CITB levy registration and push our team to new heights of professionalism. It was a proud moment when one of our apprentices was crowned Apprentice of the Year.

On a day-to-day basis the ACAD suite of apps are boosting our productivity on site and it’s really easy to contact Graham and his team with any technical queries around the unusual situations we encounter.

And finally, would you recommend ACAD to other organisations?

I would, I do, and I have.There’s no doubt in my mind we made the right decision all those years ago. ACAD membership has been extremely good value for money given all the advice and support they’ve provided over the years.

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