Rebecca Davies, Technical Manager for MSS Group, tells us how MSS has found its first year of ACAD membership

Why did MSS Group want to join ACAD?

We felt the progressive nature of ACAD was much more in line with our own approach to business, and the open dialogue and positivity during the ACAD regional meeting we attended was really impressive. It was certainly a refreshing change.

What has your first year of ACAD membership brought to your organisation?

ACAD’s holistic approach and support has been really beneficial. The training we’ve had has been far superior to anything else we’ve had to date across all levels, operatives, supervisors, managers and the recent director’s course. Everybody has found it enjoyable and we feel this has helped enhance the culture within MSS Group.

In addition, the technical support has been invaluable. We’ve had to deal with some particularly challenging scenarios and the advice we’ve been given has enabled us to move forwards.

I’ve become a real advocate for ACAD and their open, approachable and friendly style.

And finally, what would you say to other organisations thinking about following your example and choosing ACAD?I would whole heartedly recommend they join.

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