ACAD’s membership continues to grow

ACAD’s consistent membership growth over recent years has been accelerating through the unprecedentedly turbulent past year we’ve all experienced.

Just before lockdown ACAD was pleased to welcome new members to the association including MSS Environmental headquartered in Cardiff and MCA Lab headquartered in Santiago, Chile.

With a steady stream of new applications coming in to ACAD during last summer’s lockdown, we have been able to vet and welcome new members to ACAD from all round the UK including SCK Group, Gwella Contracting Services, MCP and Asbestos Essentials.

Graham Warren, ACAD Manager said: “ACAD had to step up and quickly adapt how we supported our members during lockdown through the remote delivery of Licensed Asbestos training courses, remote site auditing, NVQ assessment via Smart Assessor and ACAD regional webinars. We have been at the forefront of the provision of information during this time thanks to our ongoing membership of Build UK where ACAD alone represents the UK Asbestos Industry. I think this unique position allows ACAD to provide an unrivalled level of support which has been reflected in this latest surge in applications to join the association.”

Other organisations to join ACAD in recent times include Hughes & Salvidge, DemCom, Rhodes Asbestos Services, Keltbray Environmental Services and many more.

Dan Frost, Managing Director of Keltbray Environmental Solutions said: “Keltbray values and supports ACAD’s role in driving continuous improvement within the asbestos industry. We are very much looking forward to working with ACAD to ensure asbestos compliance across our industry is understood, prioritised and adhered to in line with industry regulations. We are excited by the prospect of collaborating with ACAD to train and develop our asbestos technicians to help raise the levels of professionalism across the industry.”

Thanking ACAD’s latest members, Graham Warren: “It’s great to see so many organisations full of great people joining ACAD. I hold so many conversations with people looking to join who have been hearing all the positive talk surrounding ACAD over recent years be it our representation, technical advice or simply our great training. ACAD will continue to work tirelessly to raise standards and support our growing membership across the asbestos industry into the future.”If you aren’t a member and want to find out why more and more companies like yours are joining ACAD, get in touch via

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